1the Lord is the cup that won’t run dry’

all that we need at any moment, he provides.
we are #filled #hopeful #purposefullyliving for greater things.
We can be satisfied in him because our Father in heaven does not withhold good things from his children; he has already given us the greatest gift through Christ Jesus- our salvation, our freedom from sin and guilt, free to live in his embrace (what wonderful good news❗ )❤︎

He works in us to will and act accordingly to his good purpose. In time his beautiful plans for each of us shall be revealed. Meantime, he will keep us, provide all the needs and if he wills, grant us our desires.

Till then, shall our souls be satisfied in his love and embrace 😃 May we keep our eyes ever fixed on Jesus🔥 #psalm23meditations #andmanyotherverses #yourpresenceisheaven #lordoflords #songreference #deeppersonalreflections #Sabbath


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